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Finishing School Training Program For the Third Year B.Com-Sem 5&6 Students (Year-2018-19) From the Grant of Knowledge Consortium of Gujarat. Higher Education Department Government of Gujarat.

Batch:I-40 Students & Batch:II-40 Students.

Training Module :Component-1 Life Skills.

Expert-Trainer : Batch-I Aishwarya Rajan.

Batch-II Dr.Riya Shah.

24/08/2018 : The students were taught strengths, Weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT) analysis by using their own interest. A person's overall sense of self-worth, self-respect, personal value under the topic of Self-Esteem were elaborated.

25/08/2018: Self-confidence :feeling of trust in oneself. Empathy: ability to imagine, understand other's capacity. Team work : capability to work in a group towards common goal etc. topics were taught.

27/08/2018: Life-Goal setting: Professional goal, smart goal, specific, measurable- attainable-relevant, time bound goal. Observation and concentration Skills: ability to pay a lot of attention, Self-Discipline: ability to control one's emotions desires and behavior were focused.

28/08/2018: Commitment: Willingness to give time and energy to, you believe in. Critical thinking: clarity through reasonable connection of thoughts. Stress Management techniques & Psychotherapies controlling level of stress etc. were covered in lecture.

29/08/2018: Problem solving & decision making : Learn from the Life Practices and resolve. Interpersonal Skills: ability to communicate and establish relationship. Negotiation Skills: Compromising nature to settle differences etc. topic were covered in training.

Training Module : Component :2 Employability Skills.

Expert-trainer : Batch-I Aishwarya Rajan

Batch-II Dr.Riya Shah

30/08/2018 : Cover Letter: Self-introduction explaining ability to the desired position. Resume Writing: Written compilation of education, experience, credentials & accomplishments. Personal Hygiene: set of practices-personal care-good health and look. Grooming. Art of a cleaning and Maintaining parts of body-different tips were given.

04/09/2018 : Body language: incl. physical expression, gesture, posture, voice- tone etc. Time management and punctuality: habit of doing things exactly on time. Proper hours of sleep : Tracking of time etc. covered.

05/09/2018 : Presentation Skills: A way to deliver effectively to engage the audience. Professional goal setting: building professional knowledge, skills; effective working practices. Interview skills; reach on time, be creative, to the point answer etc. covered.

06/09/2018 : Group discussions: Systematic exchange of views, opinions, information on issue. Efficiency: Best usage of time, energy & resources at the lowest cost. Planning & organizational skills: developing strategies to accomplish goals.

07/09/2018 : Professional Ethics: Principles, values, personal rules governing behavior-ie, honesty, respect. Leadership skills: Communication, Motivations, trustworthiness, positivity. Following Directions: accept guide, leader, act accordingly etc. were focused.

Training Module: Component : 3 English functional Skills.

Expert- Trainer : Batch-I Harita C. Patel

Batch- II Poonam Y. Soni

23/12/2018 : Self Introduction: Smile, Greet, hello, etiquettes, dress, eye contact, confident and comfortable, language. Let's name it: humble, respectful, meek nature at any presentation topics covered in the training.

24/012/2018 : Describing people: Creating impression-manner, emotions, feelings, politeness, appearance. Roll, camera, action: Presentation by speaking, acting, feeling, listening, learning, reading, watching, talking were taught.

25/12/2018 : Everyday English: Simple routine English-words, sentences, grammers tips. Right word, Right place : usage of appropriate word maintaining the meaning of sentence. Composition etc. were explained.

26/12/2018 : Let’s connect: Connecting people by technology. Language, kits. Building blocks: Creative, reasoning. Power, initiative, depth of sense etc. were covered.

27/12/2018 : Framing it right: Organizing Information, process on presentation, set of concept, communication to audience. Developing a paragraph: thoughts, data, words, sentence, topic, title, quotations, compilation, composition etc. were covered in the training.

Training Module: Component : 4 English Functional skills :

Expert –Trainer : Batch-I Harita. C. Patel.

Batch-II Poonam Y. Soni.

28/12/2018 : Asking & Answering Question: Soliciting Students, questions, answer, tips, make sure that students with you. Hello: Meet, greet, intro, relate, connect, topics were discussed and explained.

29/12/2018 : Let's pair up: task requires pair to do like photography, cooking, game etc, First step: Be open, eye contact, Beam, hello, lean in etc. were covered in training.

30/12/2018 : Essential building blocks: Engage, alignment, value system, involvement created. Speak & Contribute effective communication of message in a passionate, thoughtful and convincing manner.

31/12/2018 : Effective communication message must be conveyed to the heart of the listener. Let's discuss in group: discussion must wave to right direction Co-operation, mutual support, facts, resolution etc. important points coverd.

01/01/2019 : From the reporter's desk: require traits organization of information, communication, writing, ethics, Investigation of facts, tech knowledge. speak right :clarity, appropriate words, sentences, easy language, voice tone, Rhythmic presentation topics were taught.